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When prospects don’t see a really good reason to take a road less traveled (Network Marketing), the road can seem too dark and scary. They will instantly move on. This can be discouraging to say the least.

That’s why you need The Four Year Career. This compelling, generic, easy-to-read book is the single best recruitment tool you can use to open the door and invite prospects to just take a look.

It paints a clear picture of why and how Network Marketing will align with each person’s unique vision—including your own!

The Four Year Career will also help you master the art of the invite and build belief in the incredible wealth-building opportunities of Network Marketing.


  • Debunks the myths about Network Marketing
  • Outlines the three basic activities to create your own four-year career
  • Explains Asset Income and Residual Asset Value with easy-to-grasp illustrations and examples<
  • Provides input for what you should look for in a Network Marketing company

Order The Four Year Career today and discover the must-have tool that tens of thousands of Distributors rely on every day to build belief in Network Marketing.

Stories from REAL Network Marketing millionaires and how they rose to the top.

Janine Avila

As a single mother of 7, she rose to No. 1 Recruiter, among more than a half million Tupperware managers worldwide.

Ann Feinstein

She was named one of the top 100 Direct Selling Mentors and is a featured speaker at global Network Marketing events.

Andi Duli

He came to America with next to nothing but reached his American Dream through Network Marketing and now has a team of over 11,500.

Margie Aliprandi

She came from humble beginnings, overcame all odds and is now a world renowned Network Marketing success.

Bo Tanas

Bo did not let a failed business stop him from going on to create a world-wide organization of over 60,000 active Distributors.

Kimmy Everett

Wanting to better her and her daughter's life, Kimmy found success in Network Marketing and was earning $50,000 a month after just four years.

Sarah Robbins

Sarah Robbins traded in her teaching job for Network Marketing in her 20's. She now earns six-figures a month and is the #1 earner in her company, all by age 30.

Garrett & Sylvia McGrath

They have built organizations of 100,000 distributors in 21 countries, earning millions along the way.

Tina Beer

She replaced her Flight Attendant salary in just 4 years, after discovering Network Marketing in a seatback pocket, and is now a six-figure income earner.

Alex Morton

At just 23, he has created a team of over 4,100 active ambassadors that produce sales of over $4.6 million a year.

Donna Johnson

She went from single mom with no college education to becoming a highly successful Executive National Vice President.

Lisa Carter

She sprung to success and built her team from scratch to 10,000 members in just 22 months.

Pamela & Kevin Barnum

They were able to replace their $250,000 a year at stressful careers, in just 18 months with Network Marketing.

This book is perfect for:

  • YOU. Are you solid in your belief and understanding of the Network Marketing Opportunity? If you have any doubts, this is the book for you.
  • Prospects. The people you are introducing to your Network Marketing Opportunity need this. The credibility this piece delivers to your presentation is key to unlocking their “YES.”
  • Not Right Now-ers. The people who said “no” or “not right now.” This is a compelling piece to follow up with them 6 months down the line as a second look. It may be what they need to tip the scale.

Look who recommends the four year career:

“Residual income is the most exciting aspect in wealth creation. This book teaches you how to build, sustain and enjoy your Network Marketing Money - Making Machine!” - LISA JIMENEZ - INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER, BEST-SELLING AUTHOR & SUCCESS COACH

“Jam-packed with compelling facts and stories, The Four Year Career is a no BS, tell-it-like-it-is powerhouse of a book. Read this, and you'll be more confident than ever in the future of your Network Marketing business. Share this with the skeptics in your life, and they'll FINALLY appreciate why you've chosen this profession (and more will be joining you too).” - Sonia Stringer, The Women's Business Coach, author of "The Ultimate Guide for Women in Network Marketing", San Diego, California

“This is a very compelling read as it illustrates WHY & HOW this industry works, while offering real-life examples of people that have "made it". You also realize each one of them struggled in the beginning just like everyone else. Great insights Richard and thank you for making this information available to everyone.” - Bo Short, author, speaker, leadership expert

“Effective, powerful, insightful, authentic, honest, compelling, convincing, motivating are just a few of the adjectives that describe Richard Brooke's book The Four Year Career. His book is a “gift” with a message of hope, belief, and inspiration, that encourages and elevates others beyond what they ever though possible.” - Rita Davenport, CSP, CPAE, Retired President

“I don't think there's a better explain of how Network Marketing works AND Richard Brooke's exploration of "The Asset Value" of a residual income business is nothing short nor shy of utterly Brilliant! A MUST see for every Networker and their prospects!” - John Fogg ,AUTHOR, THE GREATEST NETWORKER IN THE WORLD, AND THE INNER GAME OF NETWORK MARKETING

“But, how do you or your prospect actually learn what really is Network Marketing? And, how do you teach it to others? That's why I love Richard Brooke's book. It's simple. Easy to read. And small!!! All things that make it easy for a prospect to understand, and say YES to you and your opportunity.” - Onyx Coale, Retired Presidential Black Diamond

Don't wait. Order now. Your dreams await.

Customer Reviews

What People are Saying

  • “The Four Year Career clearly explains the power and simplicity of Network Marketing. It gets out the message about the security of a Residual Income. This booklet is pivotal in helping a prospect decide that the industry is right for them and the timing is right now!” Suzie Southworth - Coeur d'Alene, ID

  • “I was given a copy several years ago but I never read it. Since I recently became an rep, I decided to read and found it to be a phenomenal Network Marketing learning tool!! I plan to give a copy to all new reps who join my team as well as a few existing reps that need re-motivated!” David Wallace - Trenton, NJ

  • “I actually received a copy of The Four Year Career from a Leader in my group. She is like me - we study the industry as well as our supplier. I LOVE it and it will be included with every new team member to give our team a vision for the industry which will help them to understand how to create a residual income and how to understand the numbers.” Rhonda Woodman - Essex, Massachusetts

  • “What my wife and I like best about The Four Year Career is it speaks for us better than we ever could. The prospect understands what Network Marketing is, and maybe more importantly, what it isn't. And now, for the RIGHT REASONS, they either want to learn more about our program, or they don't. And either is ok.” Jeffrey Romualdi - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

  • “The Four Year Career is the absolute best training I have ever heard on explaining Network Marketing for the common person. Thank you, Richard, for making it so simple, compelling and motivational!” Lynette Mansur - Plover, Wisconsin

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